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Live Your Plan.

Let our experts help you reach your financial goals.

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Financial goals we can achieve together

Point B Financial successfully manages the financial affairs of families and small businesses requiring sophisticated and complex strategic planning. Our collaborative and supportive approach involves planning and closely monitoring results to help our clients reach their Point B.

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We Simplify Complexity

We set a plan in motion and stay by your side every step of the way

Through comprehensive financial planning, we work with you to create your Personal Financial Action Plan.

During this process, we develop a "coach to client" experience, grounded in collaboration, support and expertise.

It Does Not Have to be Scary

What is the cost of holding back on your financial plan?

There are aspects of our lives that we have control over, and others we do not. That can feel overwhelming.

We are committed to guiding and educating you in the areas that you can take control of.

Together we will make decisions that will transform your confidence.

 Stay on Track

The journey matters - we are by your side

You are in charge of your life and we work collaboratively with you to ensure your financial success and what that means for you. We are here to help create your financial future together.

“We are incredibly confident working with Carla DosSantos and her team at Point B Financial. Carla consistently has our best interests in mind, treats us with the utmost respect and has been an integral part of our financial planning... Carla is a realistic optimist, always encouraging...”

— Matt & Carollyn C - Bath Fitter

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