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Our Service Pledge

As a Point B Financial client, you are also a partner. As a partner, you benefit from a single, mutually beneficial objective - reaching your financial goals.

From today and into retirement, the responsibility for your success is something we share with you. As your partner, our goal is to show you the way. We begin by defining your financial goals. We set a plan in place that includes regular maintenance and monitoring. And together, we achieve these goals.

Financial success is defined by your personal goals. Our objective is to ensure those goals are reached... a destination we refer to as Point B.

Our Service Commitment to You

  1. Financial Planning and Review We believe that the key to reaching your goals is your financial plan. We provide a comprehensive financial planning service in which we work with you to create your Personal Financial Action Plan. This is the document upon which your portfolio will be based. Any assumptions used during this process will be disclosed to you in writing, including the time frame that your plan covers. Our commitment is to update your plan on a regular basis. The updating process may take up to 2 hours of your time, but it is critical to staying on track. In addition, we will regularly touch base throughout the year via telephone or email. 
  2. Portfolio Creation and Maintenance Based on our assessment of your long-term goals and risk tolerance we will agree on a specific asset mix for your portfolio. This mix will be tailored to provide you with the financial growth that you are seeking, while maintaining your peace of mind. Throughout our business relationship we will do our best to keep you focused on the course we have jointly chosen. We urge you not to deviate from this path without a full review and updating of your Personal Financial Action Plan. 
  3. A Full Range of Financial Services We are at the centre of a broad professional network and will direct you, or facilitate access to, a wide variety of financial services, should you require them. These services include:
    • Retirement Planning    
    • Multi-generational financial planning    
    • Income tax and estate tax minimization strategies    
    • Asset protection, insurance (including life, critical illness, disability and long-term care, health and travel)    
    • Business succession planning    
    • Referral network for accounting, legal, and mortgage services    
    • Trusts and charitable giving
  4. Prompt & Efficient Service
    1. Response Time: You can expect that any call or email received at our office before 1:00 pm on a business day will be returned by a team member on the same day. Calls received after 1:00 pm will be returned the next business day.
    2. Problem Resolution: We strive to execute all business without error. However, should a problem occur, we will try to resolve it within three business days. If that should prove to be impossible, we will provide you with a status report within that time-frame.
  5. Client Education We believe that the interests of our clients are best served when they are educated on key financial issues. Accordingly, we will do our best to ensure that our clients are familiar with the concepts being discussed.
  6. Our Education and Due Diligence It is abundantly evident from the high volume of financial coverage in the media, that this is a complex and ever-changing industry. In order to ensure that we are completely up to date, Carla is committed to a minimum of 54 hours of continuing education every year. In addition, we are continually in communication with the portfolio managers who are responsible for the management of your money. This communication can be by way of conference calls, one-on-one meetings, group meetings, or investment conferences.
  7. Confidentiality All information that you share with us shall remain strictly confidential, unless you have pre-authorized us to disclose part or all of it to another professional, such as an accountant or a lawyer.

Our Needs

  1. Client Commitment To this point we have outlined our service commitment to you, our valued client. We ask that you commit to meeting with us regularly and provide us with the information that we need in our joint endeavour. During these meetings, we will review your plan and your portfolio, assess any changes in your circumstances, and keep you abreast of any issues that may affect your financial future. It is only with full disclosure that we can fulfill our promise to provide our best advice, update your plan appropriately, and take action in your best interests.
  2. Client Feedback Your comments and feedback regarding our service offerings and performance are very important to us. We ask that you share with us ways in which we can serve you better. If you are pleased with your Point B Financial experience, your positive feedback is essential to the development and growth of our business. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, please let us know.